If we will not look into the past we will not know who are the people who had lived before us and what are the accomplishments that they had done. Though in this times there are the many musicians that we already know, it is also good to know the history. In the Medieval times, there are two major types of musicians that are known to perform. They are the Minstrels and the Troubadours who are known for their specific identity as musicians in the medieval times.

The Minstrels are the group of musicians who are talented in the field of music and poetry. They are a group of men and they recite poetry together with the help of musical instruments like lute or harp. They travel as musicians to earn a living. They are mostly servants who were hired to perform. They then also can be hired as a court or castle musician. They normally create their own ballads to perform but they also memorize long poems from myths and legends.

Then the group of Troubadours replaced them. This group of musicians are more poetic and also more refined in their performances than the Minstrels. That is because members include knights and even men of noble birth who also do lyrical poets. They join the crusades and then choose to become a traveling musician who entertains kings and other important persons or officials in the medieval times. This is the two main group of musicians in the medieval times but after them is another group.