The musical instruments are the ones that are considered important to those who use it and play it. Musicians also need them and so they carry their musical instruments wherever they will go and have performances. They choose those instruments that are not that heavy and sensitive especially in the medieval times as the transportation is not that much favorable compared to this time. There are many types of musical instruments that were developed a long time ago and have survived and in use until this time.

Let us know what are the musical instruments that are used in the medieval times. One of them is the harp that is being used even to this day. It is also popular and many know how to play it. Another is the acrobat that is not much known in other countries as it is not used and you cannot see someone use it to this day. Another musical instrument is the Pandean pipe that can be composed of not one material.

Bells from the percussion family. they are also used in the medieval times to be able to create music and perform to entertain the audience. They can also play the musical instrument that requires two to play it. It is the organistrum. The hurdy-gurdy type of musical instrument is also part of the musical instruments used at that time. There has been evidence that has been discovered to see the musical instruments in the medieval times and they are now in a museum.