After the times of the Minstrels as they were replaced by the troubadours, there is also another group that became popular in the medieval times as musicians. They are the one called as the trouveres musicians. One of their best accomplishment is that they composed songs in the French language in vernacular description. A century was influenced by their music and they are well known in the whole European continent. They sing the vernacular poetry that they write and compose. This group is composed of noble musicians.

Even if they came from the Troubadours they have more fine music and poetry. The subject of their poetry includes love and valor. They mostly sing with an accompaniment of instruments. Most of these instruments are from the string instruments. They use cittern, the lute, the citole, and the harp. They mostly perform with this musical instruments but they also sing acapella. They are devoted to their craft that they travel far away with passion and purpose to find an audience of their craft and be able to appreciate it.

Even if the patrons came of the high rank in society, the middle class also forms part of the audience of the medieval music performances of the trouveres musicians. Their songs include dawn or alba song which talks about lovers that separate when the dawn comes. Another is the canso which is a song that uses one voice that the topic is about the courtly love. One more type is the pastorelle and the dansa.